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Ameri-Mart Marathon Gas Station
7420 Old SR 25 North
Americus, IN 47905

Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground

The town of Americus was founded in 1832 by a colorful, card playing gambler named William Digby.

    A shrewd businessman, Digby purchased about 80 acres of land near the junction of the Tippecanoe and Wabash rivers. He speculated that the Erie Canal, terminating in Americus, would stimulate local commerce. Unfortunately for Digby the canal did not end here. It continued on to Lafayette and with it went his dreams....

    With the 1920's came prohibition and Americus' reputation as a haven for bootleggers. It seems fitting that on the site of the present Americus restaurant once stood a filing station considered by many to have harbored a still. The owner Mr. G.F. Hilgendorf, promptly opened a tavern here when prohibition ended.

    In 1948, the property was purchased by William T. Harrison, who expanded the kitchen and added a dining room to the now known Robert's Americus Restaraunt. The Roberts family took over in 1975 and continued the Americus Tradition. It (Roberts Americus Restaurant) remains a gathering place where good food, good friends, and a lively game of cards can invariably be found.

   Roberts Americus Restaraunt Proudly thanks you for your patronage.

(The above history of Americus has been supplied by Roberts Americus Restaurant)

Americus is un-incorporated and is located halfway between Interstate 65 (exit 175) and the Town of Delphi, Indiana. Glenn's Garage is a small auto and truck repair shop with towing service. It was started by Robert Glenn and is currently operated by his son Mike.

Camel Crossing Americus Pizza King pizza, Sandwiches has a family dining room and bar.

Robert's Americus Restaurant offers luncheon specials and dinner, they are well known for their Broasted Chicken, Catfish, Steaks and is home to the famous "Killer Loin" sandwich.

 There is also a Marathon Gas station offering gas and diesel at their 24 hour pumps. It also has a convenience store operated daily from 6 am to 8 PM (9PM Friday & Saturday) (Hours are seasonally adjusted)

Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground is located on the west edge of Americus. Leisure Time Campground was established in the mid-sixties by William Harrington and was sold to Richard and Nancy Feaster shortly after. The Feasters added a bathroom and showers to the original office, then added a recreation room, playground, swimming pool and eventually a boat ramp into the Wabash River. Rich and Nancy sold the business to their nephew in 1998 Chris and Nancy Dunn. Chris and Nancy split up and Chris remarried Marcella (Micky). Chris and Micky sold the campground to Dale & Mary Wolfe in 1997. The Wolfe's have continued their dream to date.

The campground has been updated many times over the years and offers campsites from tenting to Big Rigs. See the other pages from the link menu for complete campground information as well as information for the surrounding areas.