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WiFi Wireless Internet
Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground offers wireless Internet access to our guests for a small access fee.. 

When you purchase an access code, simply load a web site, (not a search engine) and you should see our Splash Page. Scrool to the enter access code box and enter the code issued to you. Please note that the code will only work on ONE device for the time allotted. Once the time has lapsed, the code will terminate and another code will need to be purchased.
1 access code = 1 device. WE DO NOT REPLAC E INACTIVE CARDS

Our system is designed for Internet Browsing and Email. Attempting to watch Internet TV or UP/Down loads of massive data may trigger the system and throttle your connection to dial-up speeds. For example: Attempting to download a 2 hour HD Movie should take approximately 8 hours to download. Please be considerate of other users of this system.

Due to the wide range of computers and variables within our campground, we do not guarantee wireless connections. We have taken steps to increase signal through-put, but depending on your equipment and range limitations, signal strength will vary. Just because your device can receive our WiFi signal, does not mean YOUR device is capable of returning your input to our repeaters. IF you have trouble, move closer to an access point and try again. Many inexpensive devices have a "Cheap" WiFi signal, but should work if you are close enough to our repeater.

Be aware that we can not cover the entire property, but have the Full Hook-up and most of the electric water sites within range of the WiFi antennas. Be sure to mention that you need Internet access when making your reservations.

There are many obstacles that have to be addressed. Location to the AP is a major key. But keep in mind that the trees, buildings and other RV's may cut off the signal or reduce the signal strength. Metal and aluminum will decrease the signal, also consider "other RV's" in line with the access point will also reduce your signal.

Another aspect is multiple users connected through our routers will "share" the band width. For example, if someone is downloading a music file or watching a video, they will use up more band-width and slow the system down. To address this issue, we have installed a router that monitors client usage and will adjust the band width as necessary to offer all our guests an equal share of the available broadband.

Due to the expense of WiFi equipment, we have imposed a small fee to access the Internet through our equipment.

Thank you!

The Wolfe's


Helpful Hints:

1. The Router is located at the back of our recreation room, 2 repeaters are located towards the upper level middle & back sections.
Over 660,000 square feet
    Keeping the antenna within line of site will increase your connection signal and speed.

2. Use a wireless antenna on your RV. 

3. There are antenna's available that you can add to your computer(s) which will increase your signal by eliminating the walls of your camping unit. There are many web sites that offer a wide range of remote antennas. 
(Try searching "cantenna")

A sample of our Mesh signals:


Q.  Why do you charge for WiFi where many other properties off it for free?
A.  Mostly because our WiFi Works! Not to mention the thousands of dollars we paid for the equipment, the installation and monthly costs for Internet service from our ISP.



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