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Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground
7414 Old State Road 25
Lafayette, Indiana 47905

Winter Phone Hours  11 AM to 7 PM EST
Email: wolfescamp@wltc.org 

Leisure Time Campground
turns 54 years old in June of 2019

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Some History about the Campground

We purchased Leisure Time Campground in 1997, it was already an established campground that was started back in the mid 1960's. We added our last name to the name and created Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground.

At this point, we would like to state that this is a campground, not a resort or RV Park. We have trees and gravel roads (many of which have been widened to accommodate the larger RV's of today's world). The property has three (3) distinct levels, two of which are in flood plains, the third, our upper level, offers electric, water and sewer connections, for your recreational needs. The campground uses over 25 acres and is bordered by State Road 25, the Wabash River and private property on each side.

Each year we work on improving the facilities, offering more services, and have wireless Internet access for our guest.

Our lower section is considered primitive and we do not allow large RV's (or the use of generators) in the area. Campers in tents do not want to hear a generator running all the time! The lower roads are also narrower and do not allow turning radiuses required by most RV's. There is potable water available at a public water station that can be carted to your site. There is a smaller play set for the kids to enjoy and almost 1500 ft. of river bank to try and catch the "Big One". Our boat ramp is a little steep, but has been used for many years.

The middle section is our electric only section, it has water available in the area, but not directly on the campsite. This area has a maximum camper size of no longer than 24 ft. (we do have 2 sites that can accommodate up to 30 ft, but turns may take some experience to navigate.

The upper section is out of the flood plains (same elevation as the Lafayette Courthouse) and has the majority of the services. the swimming pool, recreation room, restrooms and showers along with a larger playground is only a short walk from most sites.

Our objective was to create a fun place to visit with some modern amenities in an old fashion camping environment, for short term get-a-ways and we offer three (3) categories of camping and four (4) types of camp sites. The categories are:

Overnight Camping For campers to come enjoy the facilities and activities for up to 2 weeks, (1 week for tent camping) generally for weekends and vacations. (we can only allow short term accomodations.
Seasonal camping For campers to place their Recreational Vehicle for the "season" to use on weekends and vacations without having to tow (or drive) their unit. Our seasonal guests maintain their own campsite and are allowed to create a more stable environment for their camping pleasures. We only offer electric/water OR Full Hook-up sites for seasonal camping.
Monthly Camping For the use of longer term stays and "living" in the camper on a daily basis. Generally rented to specialized workers wanting to get away from the hassle of moving in and out of hotel rooms and assist them in accommodations without annual leases requirements by landlords of  rental properties. we only offer Full Hook-up type sites for monthly camping and require each unit be "self-contained" meaning they have their own restroom and shower.

The Site types include:

Primitive The primitive sites are each numbered and were created larger to allow greater distance between tents.
Electric Only Has 20/30 amp electric for each campsite for the convenience of plugging in that coffee pot, lights and to provide power for smaller RV's as well as our tenting guests. These sites are mostly grassy areas and a little closer together due to the power line distances and voltage drops.
Electric & Water Has 30 amp electric for each campsite for the convenience of plugging in that coffee pot, lights and to provide power for smaller RV's as well as our tenting guests. These sites are mostly grassy areas and a little closer together due to the power line distances and voltage drops. See the camp map for locations and site descriptions.
Full Hook-up All of our Full hook up sites have gravel parking and grassy areas. As some are Pull-thru type sites, most are back-in, each has a separate sewer connection, water and electricity. Our FHU sites offer 20/30/50 amp plug receptacles.
  All of our sites have a picnic table and a designated fire pit. (no grilles or grates) DO NOT MOVE ANY FIRE PIT - See manager for a portable fire pit if available.

Since our purchase, we have made many improvements throughout the property. The first task was to clean up the property. Over the years, previous visitors would dump trash and other debris in remote, weedy areas. As our plans included clearing out the tall weeds to reduce mosquitoes and other "varmints", we had to clean out all the old debris.

The next step was to upgrade the wiring, back in the sixties, a deluxe camper was a pop-up with lights! Many of the RV's today have all the comforts of home and require more power to operate their many features. Due to power supply and distances, we were only able to bring in 50 amp service to certain areas. All of our sites have 30 amp connections, sixteen (16) have 20/30/50 amp and sixteen have 20/30 amp service connections. We will only allow RV's with 50amp service to park in a site with a 50amp connection regardless if your unit will operate on 30 amps. This is due to the campground wiring, we have had many 50 amp units destroy the 30 amp electrical plugs.

We have also added gravel to the lower sections to make travel a little easier. Also upon clearing some areas of the campground, we established "designated" campsites, numbering each site. This would enable us an accurate inventory of campsites and eliminate the chances of "over-booking" the facility.

The campground takes pride with the addition of weekend activities throughout the season. (April 1 to Nov. 1) and urge campers to participate. We spend many hours implementing the various activities and try to offer something to appeal to the many various guests we see each year. Take a look at our Weekend Activities and you're sure to find something that you will enjoy.

Our facilities include a recreation room with video games, pool tables and a snack bar (mostly weekends), a swimming pool, 2 playgrounds, hiking trails, horseshoe courts, ladder golf, basketball, volleyball court as well as propane sales and the convenience of a gas station at the entrance. We are located walking distance to the Americus Restaurant, Camel Crossing Pizza King (both have bars) and the Marathon gas station/mini-mart that not only offers fuel but many convenience store items at reasonable prices.

Please feel free to click through our web site, we have links to local resources, an interactive Camp Map  (click on a site to see the details and picture of the site), online Reservations and pictures of various sections of the property.

Enjoy your cyber visit but be sure to come out and enjoy the true nature of camping here at Wolfe's Leisure Time Campground.

Thanks for visiting us on the web, now stop in so we can thank you personally...

Your Hosts,

The Wolfe's

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